About K-Star

Our Story

K-Star, established in April 2022, is a real estate credit investment services platform providing special servicing, stabilized and traditional loan asset management, as well as underwriting and due diligence services. K-Star’s team of industry specialists are committed to a common purpose of creating a unique institutional brand that utilizes innovative, forward-thinking technology and real estate solutions that deliver an exceptional client experience.

We encourage our colleagues and partners to problem-solve creatively, explore opportunities, take on new responsibilities and challenges, and be responsive to changing demands. At K-Star, we’re never finished growing or discovering new ideas.

Culture and Values

Together we are a team of driven, dedicated and intelligent professionals who enjoy collaborating with one another.  We strive to create a friendly, familial environment that encourages creativity and teamwork, while supporting one another both professionally and personally.  



No matter where you sit in the organization, you have the full resources, network, skills and expertise of everyone at K-Star. We encourage our staff to think creatively, with backing and support from the entire firm. 



Some of our best ideas come when we are given the time to explore, do research and have meaningful conversations. All ideas are welcomed, and innovation is encouraged.   



It’s at the heart of everything we do, from internal interactions to working and aligning our interests with investors, partners and borrowers to build long-term relationships. 

Quote Mark

Design creates culture. Culture creates values. Values determine the future.

— Robert L. Peters

Our Value Propositions

K-Star leverages its real estate and risk management expertise, investment oversight and data-centric technologies to partner with and deliver customized solutions for its investors and clients.

Differentiated Relationship Management

Building strategic relationships through collective knowledge sharing, identifying objectives and strategies to create modernized solutions that guide clients through complex and unpredictable real estate challenges. 

Comprehensive Risk Management 

In-house ownership of the end-to-end risk management framework enables proactive risk identification, monitoring and mitigation for clients. 

Innovative Technology 

Providing exceptional client experiences through data-centric technologies that promote data analytics, digital enablement and scalability, supported by dedicated real estate business and development teams. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

K-Star is committed to providing an equal opportunity, diverse and inclusive workplace. We seek to attract and retain dynamic individuals with varied backgrounds, perspectives and experiences that will contribute and support company initiatives.

We consider qualified applicants for open job positions and internal promotions without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or any other characteristic that has no effect on the ability of an individual to perform their duties.

Our leadership is committed to maintaining policies and practices that ensure compliance with the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion principles.

Become part of a team that embraces innovation and thought leadership in the real estate credit industry.